Thieves Targeted 20 Cars Apartment Complex In Atlanta

Atlanta police department is investigating a large series of car break-ins at one apartment complex early Friday morning.

It happened at the Auburn Glenn apartments on Boulevard. the Atlanta police spokesman Officer John Chafee said that 20 cars were hit; windows were smashed, door locks broken and in some cases, items were stolen from inside. Police believe the thieves struck somewhere between midnight and 6am Friday.

“We had a large number of vehicles broken into, but not a large number of items taken,” Chafee explained. “And the items that were taken did not appear to be of high value.”

“That is what make these break-ins completely different from others, Chafee continued. “Auto break-ins are one of the city’s highest reported crimes, but they are usually crimes of opportunity

The Wilbert Group PR firm, which represents the Auburn Glenn apartment community, published the following statement:

The security of our residents at Auburn Glenn and of their personal property is of the utmost importance to us, and we are doing everything we can to aid the authorities in their investigation of this incident. As we work to help the police find the person responsible, we will also work with our internal Loss Prevention Officers to evaluate ways to strengthen the security of our community.

Resident Tariq Karim thought that he did everything right: his car doors were locked and he did not leave valuables in his car. But Friday morning, Karim arrived at his car to find the driver’s side window smashed and shattered.

“When I came, the center console was up. Everything was out on the seat,” Karim explained. He also said that nothing was missing from his car.

Karim and several other residents pointed to lax security in the building; they said that even though the parking deck is gated, it is very easy for anyone to come inside. Building managers did not respond to 11Alive’s calls seeking comment.

Police enforcements have little information about the possible suspects. One witness told to the investigators that she saw several men entering cars around 12:30am, while another said she saw five suspects looking into cars at approximately 5:30am.

Chafee said no one called police until the next morning, when car owners discovered the damage.