Security Guard Got Accused With Killing a Woman

A private security guard got accused of fatally shooting a 21-year-old female as she was driving away from an Anderson nightclub.

The Independent-Mail reported that the 28-year-old Joey Johnson turned himself in on Thursday on voluntary manslaughter and assault and battery charges. A bond hearing will be held on Friday.

Johnson told to the investigators that he shot in self-defense as India Lomax’s truck veered towards him. He said he attempted to stop the truck because her passenger carried a handgun.

The coroner said that the mother of three died from being shot in the back. Her truck struck a car and pole directly after the shooting. Her 33-year-old passenger, Willis Donald, got shot in the arm. Anderson County Sheriff John Skipper says a handgun was found near the truck, but Johnson appears to be the only person that was shooting on Saturday.