Hundreds Of Fake Security Guard Licenses Are Under Investigation

Several hundreds of people in the state of Florida are currently under investigation. They are accused of getting fake security guard licenses to be armed security guards.

Five people were accused of forging the necessary documents, which would allow an armed security guard to be hired in airports, courthouses and other public areas.

One of the people who got arrested was Gertrude Brun, 54, who owned her own security guard school, called Brun Protective Security Training School in Orlando.

Several of the people who got arrested arrested were instructors and even held armed security guard positions.

Someone in the Orlando offices of the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services noticed a forged training certificate. That started the investigation, which is ongoing.

There could be over 350 security guards who have bogus licenses to carry around guns.

Investigators have already arrested five people, including two from Orlando and Kissimmee.

According to the state, those hundreds of illegally licensed armed security guards are able to get jobs in ports, jails, airports and courthouses.

Tom Ascolese, owner of TNT Security Services, is a “G” class licensed security guard. This is the class of license that the FDACS said was forged for as many as 350 people.

The license is a step up from being a concealed-weapons permit holder.

“These guys are armed. These guy are armed and that’s what the scariest thing [is],” Ascolese explained.

Investigators found the people arrested also made fake mental evaluations, which is a basic requirement for the G license.

License holders who went through the program are under suspicion and are being investigated also.

Ascolese said that if the people going through the program are not getting any background checks by the state, FBI or government, it is almost impossible to gauge their stability.