Hotel Security Guard Bites Man’s Finger

A Hotel security guard in Australia is currently under investigation after he allegedly bit a man his finger at the venue on Saturday night.

The 43-year-old man who got bitten was transported to the Hospital with minor cuts to his hand about 7.30pm on Saturday. Local police said that there was an ongoing investigation into the incident. Police have confirmed that they were called to the hotel after a scuffle left a man bleeding from his hand.

No arrests have been made. Several witnesses have described seeing a man struggle with the security guard before he got bitten on his finger. One witness said that the security guard and the man were “pushing and shoving” each other before he started bitting.

“The guy put his finger out and then he just got bitten,” he explained. “There was a fair crowd watching on by that stage. You could see him bite his fingers. Then there was a lot of blood.”

The witness said that it was a “very unwelcome sight”.

“I have seen a few scuffles but I have not seen that before. You just do not expect it to happen.”

A police spokesman said that nquiries were being made to source the security footage from the hotel. Shamrock Hotel management declined to comment.