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Welcome to #1 resource for Security Guard Training and Security Guard Careers! On Security Guard Training Net we provide you with everything you need to make your a lot life easier as you are at the starting point of your your career as a security guard officer. We offer you the best potential information about state specific security guard training requirements, security guard application tips, and potential security employers to assist you in getting hired are just some of the many helpful things you will find on here.
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Security Guard

A security guard’s role is to protect and monitor property, people and merchandise. They work in many venues such as at sporting events, in malls, in stores and where many people travel through, such as airports and office buildings.

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Armed Security Guard

To become an armed security guard and be able carry a firearm with you while you are on duty, you must first complete additional hours of armed security guard training that specializes in firearm handling and safety.

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The Permanent Employee Registration Card or PERC in short, is a document that is currently being used exclusively in the state of Illinois. We Give you all the details about how you can obtain a security guard PERC Card

Security Guard

A security guard (also called Security Officer) is someone who gets paid to protect people, properties or assets – a security guard’s duty is an extremely vital job, which is why the security guard industry is one of the fastest growing industries and most popular among job seekers these days. The majority of the security guards are employed with an private company that is hired by those who seek reliable protection. It doesn’t matter what part of the world you may reside in, there is simply always a big demand for qualified security guards. For your security guard training and career you have to keep in mind that certain regulations and requirements might vary between States in the U.S.,9 (and also between countries). On this website you will find sufficient information about Security Guard Training!

The Security Guard Job Description

Security Guard Job DescriptionThe exact security guard job description might vary on several points, depending on which of security guard position one is applying for. As an example, an unarmed security guard will have a different kind of responsibility than an armed security guard – (one who carries a firearm and is trained to use it while being on duty). Other security officers will be on patrol most of their time, while others will be stationary at a certain location. Most often, the overall security guard job description entails:
  • Recognizing and preventing dangerous situations.
  • Preventing and dealing with any criminal activity.
  • Assisting the police enforcements.
  • Leading other people in dangerous situations whenever they arise.
For more detailed information regarding to the security guard job description, please continue reading the site about security guard training.

Security Guard Jobs

As mentioned earlier, security guards jobs are offered a lot. As long as you meet have the required qualifications, and have completed the proper security guard training (and remember, the actual security guard training requirements depend on your current geographical location), you have a excellent chance of getting hired for a security job. No matter if it will be a private company that is looking to hire their own employed security officers, or an dedicated security guard company that is hiring a force that can be dispatched to various locations, your chances of getting hired are extremely high! Check out our extremely popular security guard job board, where new security jobs are adding every single day for people like you.

Security Guard Card

There are states in the U.S. that require their security officers to first get a security guard license before you can apply for employment as a security guard. In California, for example, you will need a security guard card that is issued by the state. This security guard card proves to the employer that you passed a fingerprint scan that counts as an background check. Exactly the same goes with the state of Illinois (the security guard card is called a PERC card in Illinois) and there are several other states as well. Some states won’t require a security guard license at all, so it is best to check what counts for you using the convenient location map above. Clicking on your state will show you exactly if your area requires you to first get a security guard license before seeking employment in the security industry.

Armed Security Guard Training

Armed Security Guard TrainingAfter you started your security guard career as an entry level security guard you have the possibilities to continue your security guard training to obtain a license or permit to carry a firearm while you are on duty. Armed security guard training is a lot more intensive security guard training program for the obvious reasons. The total pass rate for those who take the armed security guard training is far less then the entry security guard training. The armed security guard training and examination also includes practicing with weapons on the firing range. The Weapons will always be provided either by the security guard training company and/or the firing range. Besides the weapon training on the firing range, good basic knowledge about weapons safety, how-to handle, and the most important part – when you are and are not allowed to use your weapon will be learned in the training. After one completes their armed security guard training and passes all their examinations, a lot more security guard positions that require a firearms permit will open up for you, and typically this are also the higher paying jobs as well.

Security Guard Training in NYC

New York City is the epicenter for the security guard industry. When you think of how many large companies and properties there are in New York City that are in desperate need of a team of trained people to keep everything they own safe. In New York City, the unarmed security guard training involves an 8-hour “pre-assignment” security training course, which you must pass before you can be applying for a registration card or before you can become employed. Security Guard Training in NYCAfter you obtained your security guard registration card you can begin working as a security guard. Within the first 90 days after your employment began you have to complete an additional 16 hours of on-job training. continue to security guard training in New York for more detailed information.

Online Security Guard Training

There are many jurisdictions that allows one to take their security guard training online. Be aware that these online security guard training opportunities are usually the most basic entry-level courses. This can however be a very convenient way to, in the very comfort of your own place, pass the exam that is necessary to obtain your security guard license which will then allow you to get a job as a security guard. But again, it all depends on where you currently live, because online courses are not accepted everywhere. Always make sure that if you do live in a state that allows you to take the online training, that this online security guard training is from a state-certified program that will exactly give you what you need to proceed with your security guard career.